Aimee Carmichael, Glass Walker Kinfolk

  • Name: Aimee Carmichael
  • Former Names: MetricT0n (online alias)
  • Gender: Female
  • Breed: Homid
  • Tribe: Glass Walkers
  • Date of Birth: Saturday, September 14th, 1985


  • Creation Date: Saturday, August 13th, 2005
  • Departure Date: Not going anywhere right now, thanks!

Notes: Aimee's parents are Garou (mother) and Kinfolk (father) and they live in Troutsdale, Oregon. Her father works in Portland at a large company as the head of Marketing. She has one brother, also kinfolk, who is stationed in Iraq currently.

Under the name MetricT0n, Aimee is active on numerous multiplayer online games as well as message boards/forums. Aimee has a good network of kinfolk in the Portland and Steel Angel area thanks to some hook ups her family had, and so she has about ten 'good' friends that has kept in touch. Jeremy has introduced her to some good people online and she has kept in touch with them. She has a self proclaimed 'hacker' buddy that lives in Florida who seems to have a crush on her. He has always been good at info dumping and passing on pirated software.

Aimee has a decent allowance on her side. Enough to afford a minor luxury here and there, perhaps her own wheels somewhere down the line. She is a thrifty to the last dime and is learning to invest her funds in growing markets with decent returns.

Networks and their ins and outs are Aimee's forte. Give her three different computers, different operating systems and configurations, and she could probably get them all talking to each other like old buddies with in a day or two given the right equipment. Network security, design, and implementation is going to be her focus of study in college, but she already has an ample grounding in keeping her own hardware protected. She has numerous techie toys at her disposal.

While not a hacker, Aimee does still know her way around networks. Having done a stint in computer repair to build up her resources, she can build computers and diagnoses problems as well as the average high-end computer tech. She is reasonably proficient in image alteration and photo manipulation. Her foci in computers is mostly DOS and Windows and she can recode programs to sutie her needs. She has basic self-defense training as given by the junior college one year, and is a self-taught knife fighter. Would not likely hold up under great scrutiny or pressure, but it's enough.

She had a relationship with Kevin Lockwood, a Ragabash of her tribe, but the future of that pairing is up in the air currently.

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