Other, Stranger Totems Edit

These totems do not, to the best of my knowledge, fit into GarouMUSH worldview. Do not tempt wizardly mockery by trying to claim that they're really for reals and your Garou totally follows Otter. I am not responsible if you do, but at least send me the log.

That said, I think there's a lot of room for totems that aren't in the books, and particularly for spirits native to California.

Cockroach doesn't seem entirely suited to Steel Angel. I think a much better option would be Tarantula--a hardy, stealthy, secretive predator with a lightning strike. Native to the region, Tarantula is one of the longest-lived arachnids and is capable of going without food or drink for far longer than a cockroach. Cockroach's wisdom lies in survival at any price; Tarantula's lies in survival on your own terms. Of course, Tarantula is a spider, a big no-no in totem terms for Garou. But Tarantula is the wolf-spider, the hunter who runs prey down and spurns the intricate webs of the Weaver. Also, native California tarantulas are gigantic, jet-black, very elegant looking spiders, who are just plain cool.

Weirder yet, I think a totem who might come to the sept doesn't even walk the earth anymore, but nevertheless has deep ties to the land and to the region. Such a totem's earthy wisdom would be able to help the Garou of the sept understand how they can bring the Wyld back into Southern California. What wise yet mighty totem do I have in mind? Mammoth. To my mind, this even makes canonical sense: Garou can turn into dire wolves, can't they?

Cougar is an excellent choice either way. He's both native to the region and in the main sourcebook. If GarouMUSH worldview weren't so rigid, I would say that the sept totems are Cougar, Tarantula, and Mammoth.

Out of the canon totem list, Cougar, Fox, Coyote, Bear, Owl, Falcon, and Stag can be considered possible native choices for totems. Fog might, as well--anybody who lives here can tell you about our marine layer. In addition to these, I would like to offer the following suggestions.

Otter, Orca, Tarantula, Mammoth, Grey Whale, Crow, Ant Lion, Honeybee, Yellowjacket. If you're willing to go one step beyond and consider a whackier breed of totem, you might think about Redwood, Seqouia, Kelp, Cactus. Or possibly Mountain, Valley, or Earthquake--all three major, major geological features of California. Hey, if Grandfather Thunder and Fog make sense...

Keep in mind that I don't know how many of these exist in some splatbook somewhere. They may well. But I am pretty darn certain that they will not be smiled upon with favor at GarouMUSH.

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