This gift slightly blurs the user's outline, allowing him or her a slightly better chance at not being noticed when sneaking. It is not, however, anything remotely close to Invisibility (a Rank 3 gift that grants complete invisibility) nor Blissful Ignorance (a Rank 2 gift that grants complete invisibility so long as the user remains completely motionless) nor Camouflage (a Rank 1 gift that grants an automatic +3 difficulty to noticing the user but only works in the wilderness). Blur of the Milky Eye is roughly akin to having an appropriate pair of camo fatigues and shirt handy at all times (generally a +1/+2 to difficulty for noticing the user while he or she is actively sneaking). If a Garou using this gift is spotted, the penalties are negated until the viewer is distracted. Garou who use this gift around humans, and who are spotted doing so, and persist in continuing to use it, may sometimes be considered to have committed a Veil breach because of the inexplicable blurring action around their body--and only their body. A chameleon spirit teaches this Gift. (Manipulation + Stealth, difficulty 8; each success adds one to the difficulty of rolls to detect the Gift's user.)

NATIVE TO: Ragabash

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