The Caern Convos is a Bi-Wheneveryly document that means to put in one place all the common knowledge that's relevant to the Garou around the Hidden Walk. It's also serves as the sept's IC rumour mill, allowing players to find out scraps of information that by all rights their character would know, but somehow it's just passed them over. This document is put together by a single organizer, who makes sure the information is formatted, spell-checked, appropriate to the CC and appropriately vague to be a entry. Like the moot organizer, it's not quite an enviable position.

This page exists to serve as a repository for past Caern Convos issues. Please copy CCs in their entirety, and follow the appropriate linking.

Do not add any additional content to already compiled CCs: Any will be removed.

Please organize by the date in a Ascending manner.


  • Example:

*[[Jan 2099 CC|2099, January]], organized by [[Larry]]

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  • (Believed that none were produced in this calendar year)

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