Information for Cavall (Alias 'Sargeant'): Last connected on Sat Oct 30 20:40:49 1999. Location: Deep Umbra: Spirit Home(#3638RAJ) Other Name(s): Not Set Race: Totem Sex: Male Pack Alpha: Elan Totem Incarna: Dog Members: Coda, Piddles, Elan, and Seirian Territory: Cavall's offical turf includes the worst parts of the South

 Side of St. Claire; Jermantown Avenue's Industrial Sector, the Filthy Alley, 
 the Rail Yards (actually in an object) , and Bridge Street (the one room, 
 not the whole street). The Jermantown Industrial Sector is the center of 
 their heavily patrolled zone. Secondary patrols are sometimes done around 
 the outskirts of their claim, following up on prey that may roam out of 
 their patrolled areas, but for the most part they put their attention on 
 cleaning up what they know to be the parts of town that the Wyrm has sunk 
 Its teeth the most deeply into.They also claim a townhouse up in the 
 Montrose District, a haven for Kin and others who they need to keep a watch 
 on but who cannot deal with the Curse.

Position: Totem Avatar of Dog for Cavall

  • Founding members were Tommie, Gabriel and Brittany.
  • Jeremaiah joined in Nov 1996
  • Disbanded Feb 2000.

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