Totem of Cunning Background Cost: 7

Fox is quick, cunning, and sly. He prefers to sneak up on his victims, or better yet, pull them into his confidence, making them feel safe before he strikes. He loves to bring his foes into his territory, leading them into traps or causing them to lose their way. Fox enjoys seeing his Children baffle their enemies. To this end, Fox teaches his Children the ways of stealth, subterfuge, and canny awareness in the city as well as the wild. The followers of the Fox tend to share his sly nature, becoming adept at making others do their will. Fox is not seen as honorable by the Garou, and is not a favored Totem.


  • +2 to Stealth dice pools.
  • +3 to Subterfuge dice pools.
  • +2 to Streetwise dice pools.
  • +1 Manipulation.


  • Fox is far too sly to limit his Children. However, his followers must never participate in a fox hunt, and must help the fox throw the hounds off his trail if they ever encounter such a hunt.
  • Subtract 2 from any temporary Honor gains.

Totems of the Garou
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