Totem of Respect Background Cost: 4

Merlin is not the largest of hawks, but he is still swift and fierce. He is something of an underdog's champion among totems, counseling that the greatest in size is not always the greatest in spirit. Merlin responds well to courage, and encourages his followers to strike intelligently rather than ferociously.


  • +3 to brawl vs. opponents larger than Merlin's child.
  • +2 to dodge vs. opponents larger than Merlin's child.
  • May call upon up to 3 Willpower points per story.
What is "larger?" Larger means, in a gross sense, a certain opponent is physically larger than the child of Merlin. (e.g. a football linebacker vs. a ballerina would qualify, whereas two nerdy computer software engineers squaring off would not.) Questions may be directed to the totem wizard.


  • Merlin's children may never kill birds of prey, or their spirits. Even Wyrm-tainted raptors must be caught and purified if at all possible.

Totems of the Garou
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