There are numerous external websites that can help you with getting to know GarouMUSH, refining your character and their background, and with roleplaying and MUSHes in general.

Our MUSHEdit

  • The GarouMUSH introductory document is available from our homepage here.
  • An older list of caerns that exist in the MUSH's history, through events or characters, available via the World Wide Web here. Please note, the list is not very current! Consult with players and Wizards before using any of its information. The Wiki has a list that is player maintained.
  • Sepdet's Old Site

MUSH ProgrammingEdit

RolePlaying and YouEdit

Your CharacterEdit


These sites can help you fine-tune your character.

The GarouMUSH News Files
Background: Gothic-Punk | Prophecy | Impergium | Curse | Delirium | Veil | DNA | Umbra
Customs: Litany | Childbirth | Children | Challenge | Packs
Spirit: Cosmology | Erebus | Spiritworld | Totems
Wolves: Behavior | Pelage | Reproduction | Physical | Society
Characters: Auspices | Breeds | Forms | Rank | Tribes | Others
Groups: University | King High School | Regan Hope Project | St. Uriel's | Wolf Woods | Hospital
Systems: Coding | Combat | Freebies | GM | Health | Languages | Pools | Stories | Weather
Other files: Books | Building | Caern | Concept | Credits | Geography | Mailing Lists | Newbie | OOC Resources | Roleplaying | Wizards

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