• Pack Name: Oblivion Bringers
  • Spirit Name: Buzz
  • Spirit Nature: Wyvern
  • Spirit Type: War
  • Creation Date: circa 1999
  • Departure Date: circa 2004
  • Members:

Yvonne Attwater ~Spikes-the-Drinks~, Homid Adren Fianna Galliard (Alpha) [deceased]

Ruth Kye (nee Meredith), Homid Fostern Silver Fang Philodox (Beta)

~Tigerheart~, Lupus Cliath Fianna Ahroun

CJ Meredith (aka Clemency Haynes) ~Fire-Burns-Forever~, Homid Cliath Silver Fang Ahroun [subsequently deceased]

Julius Kopelman ~Green-Leaves~, Homid Cliath Silent Strider Theurge [deceased]

Lance Patterson ~Emergency-Exit~, Homid Cliath Silver Fang Ragabash [missing, presumed dead]

Notes: Based at the Sept of One Bright Star in South Carolina, this was Clemency's first pack. It was successful for a long time and Spikes its alpha was highly thought of, not least by Clemency, but a series of deaths and unfortunate events at the end of 2004 led to it disbanding.

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