OPEN SEAL (Level 1):

This Gift opens locked devices. It is specifically for use on locks and locking mechanisms; non-mechanical 'locks' such as magnetic locks may require the use of additional skills such as a Gift (eg. Jam Technology, Control Simple Machine) or Willpower to unlock .

Lockpicking is difficult and takes a great deal of training and skill to accomplish; even an experienced lockpick is going to need from several minutes to over an hour to . Thus, Open Seal is a fabulously useful gift.

The probability of this Gift's success depends upon the local Gauntlet rating and the Ragabash's Gnosis score. This means a Ragabash with a Gnosis of 3-4 has about a 50% chance of popping open a lock in an average part of the city. Most Ragabash spend a point of Willpower when attempting to use this gift.

NATIVE TO: Ragabash

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