This gift makes social interaction easier for its user for a short time.

In mechanics terms, it adds +1 dice to your current Social rolls, but it's duration is limited and it absolutely does not allow you to mind-control people or order them against their will. It doesn't turn a "No" into an "Okay", and it takes some finagling and effort to apply it, which plays a big factor in the outcome. If your persuasive argument isn't persuasive in the first place, the Gift won't work.

Persuasion is useful for temporarily counteracting the effects of Rage, so is fairly popular with ahrouns in the city who might otherwise have significant problems in dealing with humanity--particularly humans that are "gatekeepers" or in a position of power. (Cops, bank tellers, bouncers, security guards, etc.--the people who tend to not like people that give off an "I'm here to kick ass" vibe.)

NATIVE TO: Homid Fianna Glass Walkers

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