• Pack Name: Summer Frost
  • Spirit Name: Ice Wolf
  • Spirit Nature: Respect
  • Spirit Type: Ice Wolf
  • Creation Date: 1994 (spring)
  • Departure Date: 1995 (December)
  • Members:
Alpha: Song Weaver, Red Talon Galliard
Beta: Swipes at Salmon, Red Talon Philodox
Brooding Sorrows, Lupus Uktena Galliard
Jace ~Two Stripe Who Was Accidentally Born As An Ape~, Homid Glasswalker Galliard

Notes: The pack was formed in order to care for Clouded Sky and her littermates, purchased from the pet store by Alexis. The pack disbanded after Song Weaver was killed in defense of the caern during an attack by Black Spiral Dancers in December of 1995. Brooding Sorrows and Two-Stripe disappeared at this time and were presumed also to be casualties. Swipes at Salmon, as sole survivor, kept the role of teacher of pup without Ice Wolf's patronage.

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