Information for Untouchables (Alias 'Greymalkin'):

Last connected on Thu Dec 16 16:00:07 1999.

Location: Deep Umbra: Spirit Home(#3638RAJ)

Other Name(s): Grym. Grimalkin. Myst. Mistery. Snoop Foggy Fogg.

Race: Totem Sex: Neuter

Pack Alpha: Kyle Totem Incarna: Fog

Members: Chaser, Dillan, Cutter, and Kyle

Territory: In game room terms, the Marina and both Harbor Park rooms are Untouchables' territory. Technically, Harbor Park is considered a protectorate rather than territory, but Untouchables have been given responsibility for it by the Alpha.

Position: Totem Avatar of Fog for the Untouchables.

  • Dillan and Merin Hawkmoon both joined at the start of 1997.
  • Nate Heisl left, Feb 1997, and Merin became Alpha. Pete Barlow also left at this time.
  • Pack disbanded approx Feb 2000.

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