• Pack Name: Wildfire
  • Spirit Name: Ember
  • Spirit Nature: War
  • Creation Date: June 2006
  • Departure Date: Dec 2009/Jan 2010
  • Former Members: Leslie ~Treeclimber~, Helen ~Breaks-The-Cycle~, Dillen ~Bane-of-the-Bloodsuckers~, Zosia ~Bright Falcon's Grace~

Notes: Wildfire is a war pack, having formed in the early summer of 2006. On their totem quest, they killed a pair of Black Spiral Dancers, and found their infant metis child. The baby metis was found to be free of taint, and was taken in by the Black Furies.

Since then Wildfire's been a part of a handful of battles. They had a significant presence during the fire tire attack. They were also the ones who tracked down the cause of the dreams that had been tainting people and killed the spirit responsible. Wildfire also rescued Cedric from pattern spiders in the umbra, when Mathias' rite went awry.

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